6 Tips on How to Maximize Storage for a Home Office

Do you usually work from home, or going to start working at home more? Are you tired of your home office taking up a major chunk of private space? Here are 6 tips on maximizing storage for a home office.

Today people tend to work from anywhere, planes, trains, automobiles (hopeful not while driving), coffee houses, boats (hopefully someday right) and even while traveling. However, nothing can beat the coziness and comfort of your own home, especially if your home is on a boat.

Having a home office is a comfort only if you can utilize your work-space to the maximum.
People tend to believe their home work space will take a lot of space. Not if you know some useful tricks and ideas to utilize the work space to its max. Here are some ideas on how to utilize some items of everyday use to transform your super small space into a home office that is organized and looks attractive at the same time.

#1. Monitor Stand Riser with Drawers

If you are looking for ideas for a small area, you know how frustrating it can be to organize everything on one table. There are a lot of products on the market that help keep your monitor at a level that not only helps your posture but also creates new storage opportunities. While working, we all know our posture needs to be given significant attention, which is exactly what a monitor stand will help achieve. The higher level of the monitor will naturally make you want to keep your back straight.

You can find monitor stands with closed storage options such as drawers. However, open storage will work better if you are more organized and want quick access. You have a lot of options for the size, shape, color, and materials that you can choose from on the market. For example, the monitor stands made of bamboo have a sophisticated look and are also marketed as being Eco-friendly.

#2. Desk Organizers

When it comes to desk organizers, you can never have enough! This is because there are so many items that you need to use when working. Whether it is an important file or a pair of scissors, having all the items around you in a well-organized way will increase the convenience factor of your home office.
There are many desk organizers options available in the market. They offer plenty of storage options for important files, documents or other stationery items. Not only will such a product solve your storage worries but will also give your desk a neat appearance.

#3. Hanging Wall Racks

When you have run out of ideas for your desk storage options, consider mounting a wall rack with different sectionals designed to carry all your important supplies or files. Not only will this prevent your files from getting lost in a mess but will also give your home office a sophisticated and elegant look.

There are a lot of options that you can chose from and decide on according to your storage needs.
If you find yourself owning a mountain of files maybe it is better to consider a wall rack with various sectionals, or you can also use more than one rack and mount them on the wall like a set of paintings. Also, consider floating shelves combined with stylish magazine holders, which also come in many shapes and sizes. This option gives you the ability to integrate decoration alongside your storage needs.

#4. Virtual Business Card File

Most people stuff their wallet with business cards that they receive while meeting other professionals. When the wallet cannot take it anymore, these business cards find their way into a drawer somewhere never to be seen again. You should consider business card App for your cell phone. You can easily take a photo of the business card and conveniently store with in your cell phone.

A virtual business card is easier to access when in an urgent need to find the contact information of that plumber. Business card apps automatically store all your business cards in alphabetical order alongside all your other contacts that you may not have a card for. This allows an easy search option by name, company, and even type of business. This makes easily finding that individual you just can’t remember the name of. A business card App is a perfect item for all those professionals who are looking for more convenient ways to organize their contacts in one place.

#5. Wall Mount Storage

If you are using a desk space that is extremely small and cannot accommodate any items other than your cup of coffee, you can opt for wall mount storage options. Wall Mount Storage comes with plenty of sectionals for your different items. You see some of these storage options in home garages. Having storage on a wall is a great option when there is not enough space.

Wall mount storage is useful when there is not a lot of space to work with. When using wall mounted storage, the desk space can then be used only for a laptop or a desktop. This can help you enjoy the convenience brought about by having every necessary item organized in front of you yet on the wall.

#6. Mounting Under Desk Storage

Mounting a sliding tray under your desk is excellent option for those who are looking for a little extra space. Use the sliding tray option for small items and or a keyboard. The under-desk drawer feature will take up minimal space and free up the important space on top of your desk. The slide tray desk storage is an excellent option for notes, your favorite pen, and the smaller office supplies needed daily. This is also an excellent option for desks that do not or have very little drawer space. Try and find an under desk sliding tray that comes with built in organizers to help keep your items separated.

Some Additional Hacks

Apart from equipping your work space with the above mentioned recommendations, you can also use the following hacks to save you time.

#1. Label Makers

By far the number 1 hack in your toolbox should be a label maker. If you do not have a label maker, stop right now and get yourself a label maker. Label makers are great tool when trying to label and divide all your papers into a file in a way that makes it easier for you. You can also use label makers for labeling inside drawers, folders, containers, your hanging wall shelves, the list truly is endless for everything in your entire house, not just your home office.

#2. Color Coding

Even if you have all the storage you could ever use (yea right), if not organized effectively, finding what you need now becomes the new problem. When dealing with files, try color coding them according to different categories. For example, place all your financial material in a red file, all your medical ones in blue and so on. This will help you find what you need much more efficiently.

#3. Alphabetical Placements

Alphabetical order works best when arranging and organizing important paperwork. For example, if you have a wall mounted file rack, you can give each sectional an alphabet or alphabet range. Then place all the relevant information in there given section.

#4. Use of Containers or Glass Jars

Containers or glass jars are other types of storage ideas. They are excellent when you have a small amount of items that you need to store. Place these containers on the desk or inside drawers. In addition to the functionality and features, containers and jars have the great advantage of being decorated. Take advantage of your favorite designs or colors and easily make them at home with the DIY option.

So, if you are looking for ideas to make your home work space an efficient one, consider some of these tips. Witness how easily you can transform your work space into a fully functioning and organized home office.

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