9 Tips to Bring Style and Storage to Your Small Home Office

Ever get that feeling you do not have enough space to work in or your desk has taken on a life of its own?


Here are 9 tips to bring style and storage to your home office. These ideas might help make your small space feel larger and more luxurious. Sometimes you don’t have an entire room dedicated to work, and as a result maybe you’re using a nook as a desk space for sorting mail and paying bills. The tips below will help you design the area to maximize the space and add style to your home office.


#1 Define the Space of your small office

First, before you can get into designing and decorating, you’ll want to define the space you’ll be using. This is an easy step if your home office is a separate room. You might just paint the walls a calming color and close the door when you need a quiet space.

If your home office is part of another room, you may not have as much privacy, but you can still physically define the boundaries of your space. Use a plush rug to mark your work zone and give your feet a treat. Bookshelves like this cool, rustic Loon Peak bookshelf from Wayfair, can create a partition from busier areas of the home, while defining your room’s style and offering valuable storage space.

#2  Choose a Color Scheme for your Home Office

 A messy office isn’t the ideal environment for getting work done. Sticking with a simple color scheme will help create a more calming space, make your room appear cleaner and organized, and make it easier to shop for the supplies and accessories you’ll use to style your office.

Use a color wheel to help with the selection of casual and inviting space. After choosing your colors and getting furniture in place, you can find the storage options and accessories that fit with your theme. Keep things interesting by bringing in texture and different materials with items like wicker or metal baskets.

 #3 Clear your Office Workspace of Clutter

 The first step of every organizing adventure is getting rid of the clutter and making room for the things that matter. Take some time to sort through all the paperwork, mail, and random items that have found their way onto your desk. When your desk is clear, add only the items that serve a purpose.

Start with a nice desk lamp, to add a touch of rich design to the space. Try to keep the knick-knacks to a minimum, instead opting for functional office supplies. If you can find office supplies/items that serve multiple purposes, this can be a huge bonus toward keeping the clutter at bay.

 #4 Use a Tray for Displaying Small Items on your Desk

In addition to the essential items displayed on your desktop, you might be able to find room for a perfectly curated collection of smaller objects. Use this option only if you have the extra space. You can find a wide variety of trays in every price range that will add to your look.

Find one that matches your decor, then carefully choose the objects you’ll display. This is where you can place a photo of your family, a small succulent, or a splurge worthy candle to fill the space with your favorite scent.

 #5 Keep Paper Organized

It’s no surprise that paper is the major cause of messes in a home office. A list of home office storage ideas for small spaces wouldn’t be complete without tips for keeping paperwork in check. If you find that your desk is frequently covered with scraps of paper, one way to solve the problem can be to hang your files on the wall.

Hanging file organizers offer plenty of space for keeping mail, paperwork, and other bits and pieces in order. Furthermore a matching set of magazine holders can also be used to hold files while coordinating with the rest of your office decor. Hanging organizers come in every shape, color, and size imaginable.

#6 Move your paper copies Online

Are you ready to take the organizing efforts to the next level? You can free up space in your home office, and make room for the more important things, by eliminating the copies of paperwork. Using a virtual filing system will also allow you to scan, organize, and store your files in the Cloud, rather than on your desk. As a result, you will be able to run quick searches for those documents and never lose that “insert bill of choice” account number again!  Services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive make it easy to set up and manage your files.

You can even use apps like Shoebox and Receipts by Wave to store and keep track of receipts. If you have a cell phone, you can start now, no fancy scanner needed. Just be sure to backup important files to ensure you’ll be covered if you ever encounter an issue. I use portable hard drives for this task. Do you have a favorite way to store your files virtually?

#7 Get Inspired with your Home Office

While you’re sorting through the piles of paper, keep those photos, notes, bits, and pieces that inspire you while you work. Hang these inspirations. (and daily reminders if you refuse to go virtual) Use a bulletin board or magnet board to keep them all in one place.

Choose a decorative board like a picture framed cork board. You can also paint an old picture with chalk paint to create a framed blackboard. Incorporate these into the design of your space. If you’re feeling creative, you can find tons of tutorials to make your own bulletin board with your choice of colors, fabrics, paints, and shapes.

 #8 Adding Open Shelving for Office Storage

As much as it can be tempting to use large cabinets with closed doors, to try and make the most of your small space, this plan will often backfire. Closed cabinets make it easy to stash messes away and you can end up with a never-ending cycle of clutter. Just like when company is coming, consequently you do the one arm slide of your desk contents into a drawer.

Instead, consider using open shelving to keep your office desk items organized. This will help you organize by keeping things in a specific place by giving it a home. Baskets and bins can be used on shelves. Use them to stash those items that you don’t need within easy reach. As a result, this will keep the clutter down. Combing your practical storage with decorative also keeps your shelves looking styled as well as functional.

 #9 Use the Mobile Storage hack for your Home Office

A simple utility cart is one of the most versatile home office storage ideas for small spaces. A cart with multiple shelves and wheels, can be used to hold nearly anything you might need in your office space. Mobile storage carts come in plenty of colors and styles therefore, you can find one to match any decor.

Use carts to store items you don’t need to have on your desk for day to day use. Adding small storage containers, can make the cart the perfect spot for keeping extra office supplies. You can even keep laptops and other electronics on the cart to make your entire office mobile! Therefore you can wheel the cart over when you need access to items. Once your done with the mobile cart, hide it away to keep your space tidy.

At the End of the day

Finally, no matter what kind of space you’re working with, remember don’t sacrifice style or function. Keeping things simple and choose supplies and decor carefully. This as a result, will go a long way towards keeping your home office organized, feeling comfortable, and looking great.

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