Choosing the Correct Planner for a Home Office

choosing a planner

Planning is essential as a business owner, especially when you are working from home. Working from home brings you freedom, and that can be easy to abuse. We want to make sure that you are prepared by teaching you the fundamentals of planning, picking the perfect planner for you, and how to keep utilizing your planner over time. Planning 101 For People Who Work From Home Let’s start with the … Read more

Choosing the Perfect Lighting for a Home Office

Lighting will play a big role in your mood and productivity throughout the workday. You might be able to avoid the ugly cubicles and harsh fluorescent lighting at a corporate office.  However,  now is the time to check your home workspace. This important area may be lacking in the appropriate amount of lighting to make completing tasks comfortable throughout the day. The effort you put into the comfort and aesthetics … Read more

How to Pick the Right Bag for Working on the Go

Working from home is a delightful experience, but sometimes you just need to get out of the house. Whether you go to work on your business from a coffee shop or a coworking space, you want to make sure that the bag you choose to carry fits your needs. Today’s post will help you determine the perfect work bag by sharing the qualities of an excellent bag. These are things … Read more

The 8 Things You Need to Look for in a Home Office Chair

Working from home requires a lot of time sitting in front of a computer or at your desk. Office chairs need to work for you. Especially when you will spend hours a day sitting in the chair. Work can seem stressful and tiresome when the chair that you have doesn’t fully support you. This is why today’s blog post will help explain the features your chair should have. Maybe, as … Read more

How to Keep Organized With a Mobile Office

In today’s busy world, more and more jobs are being performed on the go. It’s true people still work from home on a daily basis. However, a trend seems to see more people out working while experiencing new places. All while maintaining productivity. This trend applies when you are traveling for work or just want to get some things accomplished at a local coffee shop. Turning an Available Space into … Read more

Can My Home Office Benefit from a Label Maker

Working from your own home-office has a lot of advantages. It also comes with a lot of disadvantages. On the plus side, of course there’s the very obvious ‘wearing pajamas to work’ cliche, but there are also less obvious benefits too. For instance, you can save a lot of money (and calories) by eating from your own kitchen rather than an offices nearest food truck. The negatives occur when the … Read more

16 Items You Need for a New Home Office

Congratulations, you are getting together your very own home office! Whether you are starting from scratch or redecorating a current space, this post will help with all the essentials you need to have. Creating your home office doesn’t have to be a daunting task, especially when you have a list of home office essentials to help you along the way. 1. Desktop Or Laptop The first essential is a computer … Read more

Cable management Tips for Home Office Organization

Cable management is generally treated as an afterthought when setting up a new home office or electronics in general. Whether you are setting up a computer desk or an entertainment system, you have to consider how your cables will run and how much of them you want to see. There are visually aesthetic ways to display cables and still make the entire setup look clean and neat. This is going … Read more

Organizing a Home Office in a Small Space

For people who work at home, space is at a premium.  If you have a separate room set aside for your home office, you probably have plenty of space to work with for a desk and storage.  (You know who you are. You have an area you can designate as your office and stretch out your legs.) For some others with less space, there products available to help manage working … Read more

Best List of ideas on How to Soundproof a Home Office

When we step foot in our office to get work done, we want our office to be as noise free as possible. In a perfect world, the work that we do will not affect other people, and they work they do won’t affect us. To make this happen, you have to take the necessary steps to soundproof your office. Today’s post will help you consider all the ways that you … Read more