Cable management Tips for Home Office Organization

Cable management is generally treated as an afterthought when setting up a new home office or electronics in general. Whether you are setting up a computer desk or an entertainment system, you have to consider how your cables will run and how much of them you want to see. There are visually aesthetic ways to display cables and still make the entire setup look clean and neat. This is going … Read more

Organizing a Home Office in a Small Space

For people who work at home, space is at a premium.  If you have a separate room set aside for your home office, you probably have plenty of space to work with for a desk and storage.  (You know who you are. You have an area you can designate as your office and stretch out your legs.) For some others with less space, there products available to help manage working … Read more

How to Organize Paper Clutter in 6 Easy Steps

Are you tired of paper clutter overwhelming your home office? One might think in this day and age we wouldn’t have so much of it, yet paper arrives in endless amounts. Paper comes in from invoices to advertisements only to overwhelm your home office. That is, if we aren’t careful! How do we transform our little mess (or big one) into an organizational masterpiece? Read on to glean our top … Read more

Best List of ideas on How to Soundproof a Home Office

When we step foot in our office to get work done, we want our office to be as noise free as possible. In a perfect world, the work that we do will not affect other people, and they work they do won’t affect us. To make this happen, you have to take the necessary steps to soundproof your office. Today’s post will help you consider all the ways that you … Read more

Ideas for Organizing your Home Office with Baskets

Organizing your home office can be difficult. You want a clean space, but work can create a lot of unnecessary clutter. Baskets are a great tool to use to organize your home office, but your office can quickly become a festival of baskets, and that’s not good for your organization either. Today’s post will help you utilize baskets as a home office storage solution, without causing any harm to the … Read more

5 Quick Ways to Organize your Home Office Desk

Are you one of those people who think you’ve got it all together? You may think so, but you’re still haunted by the fact that you still cannot seem to maintain a clean desk. Check out these 5 quick ways to organize your home office desk. Seriously, it seems so darn easy to some people, yet you find it absolutely baffling. You thought moving your desk out of the kitchen … Read more

6 Tips on How to Maximize Storage for a Home Office

Do you usually work from home, or going to start working at home more? Are you tired of your home office taking up a major chunk of private space? Here are 6 tips on maximizing storage for a home office. Today people tend to work from anywhere, planes, trains, automobiles (hopeful not while driving), coffee houses, boats (hopefully someday right) and even while traveling. However, nothing can beat the coziness … Read more

Home Office ideas and Storage in Small Spaces

There is a famous quote by Laurence Peter, (often wrongly attributed to Albert Einstein and his infamously cluttered desk): “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Maybe Einstein could get work done amidst piles of clutter, but the rest of us may not have Einstein’s abilities. How cluttered is your home office? Working from home can be … Read more

The 9 Best Label Makers for Home Offices in 2018

What is one of the most useful tools for organizing your home or office? (Okay, besides a trash can.) If you are reading this, you know a good label maker is at the top of the list. This is the difference between organization and pure chaos. If you struggle with either having too much stuff, or not knowing where any of your stuff is (or both), now is the time … Read more

9 Tips to Bring Style and Storage to Your Small Home Office

Ever get that feeling you do not have enough space to work in or your desk has taken on a life of its own?   Here are 9 tips to bring style and storage to your home office. These ideas might help make your small space feel larger and more luxurious. Sometimes you don’t have an entire room dedicated to work, and as a result maybe you’re using a nook … Read more