Ideas for Organizing your Home Office with Baskets

Organizing your home office can be difficult. You want a clean space, but work can create a lot of unnecessary clutter. Baskets are a great tool to use to organize your home office, but your office can quickly become a festival of baskets, and that’s not good for your organization either. Today’s post will help you utilize baskets as a home office storage solution, without causing any harm to the flow of your office.

1. Keep It Simple

First things first, keep it simple. Don’t make any plans to go to the store and purchase the entire basket aisle. Take a look around your office at what you need to organize. Here is a list of things in your office that you could potentially organize with baskets:

  • Mail
  • Papers, notebooks, folders, and other paper products
  • Writing Utensils and bulk office supplies
  • Books and magazines
  • Computer supplies like cords and attachments you aren’t using
  • Office cleaning supplies

Consider anything that you would rather be out of sight and out of mind. Think about how you would best organize these items into as few baskets as possible. Then, you can go to the store and shop for extra baskets if you don’t have any at your house.

2. Mix Up Your Baskets

Baskets are as unique as you want them to be. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and opaqueness. If you like an eclectic and exciting mix for your baskets, you should heavily consider the types of baskets you want for your office.

Get Various Types Of Baskets

There are many different types of baskets. Some of the more popular are wicker and wireframe baskets, but you could go even further than that. Go to a store that sells storage solutions and see which baskets speak to your needs as far as type and size are concerned.

You may also want to consider how see through your baskets are. You may feel comfortable seeing through your baskets so you can see what’s inside, or you may want to get baskets that aren’t see through so that they seem cleaner and more organized.

Thrift Or Purchase Baskets From A Handmade Seller

If you want genuinely unique baskets in your home office, consider heading to a thrift store or handmade market to see what kind of baskets they have for sale.

Getting your baskets from a thrift shop can help you find unique pieces at a pretty reasonable price.

Purchasing your baskets from someone who makes them by hand may not be the most economical way to go about buying baskets, but your baskets will more than likely be intricately designed.

Paint Your Baskets

You may not be able to find the best baskets for your office, but remember that you can always paint your baskets. If you see a basket that is the right size and material, but not the right color–that’s okay. Take a trip to your local craft supply store and get some paint to make your baskets the perfect addition to your home office.

3. Create Organization Within Your Baskets

Once you get your new baskets in your office, take some time to create some organization within your baskets. Baskets alone do not create home office organization; it’s easy to feel cluttered even with your new home office storage laying around. You need to make sure that each basket looks presentable and feels organized to you.

  • Carefully place items in each basket.
  • Be sure to keep all items in the basket.
  • Don’t overstuff your baskets with a lot of items.
  • Add a liner to wire baskets, so they seem more streamlined.
  • Create some borders in your baskets, so things have their own home.

Your baskets should not be junk baskets. Make sure that your baskets have a purpose with organization!

Label Your Baskets

Once you have each basket organized, label your baskets. When you are looking for something in a basket, you don’t want to rummage through every basket in your office to find what you are looking for! If you label each basket from the start, you can stop this needless digging from taking place.

4. Create Space For Your Baskets

Now that your baskets are labeled and ready to go, it’s time to create a space in your office for your baskets. You may want to store them on your bookshelf or a table or desk in your home office. You may also want to hide them a bit and keep them under a desk or table. Wherever you decide to store them, make sure you have space for all your baskets, so they aren’t littered throughout your office.

Make Baskets Part Of Your Decor

Your baskets should be a part of your decor. If you picked up the baskets that spoke to you and matched your office earlier, they can be a unique part of your office. Displaying them on your bookshelf amongst books and other knick-knacks is a great way to make your baskets part of your decor.

5. Tidy Up Your Baskets Regularly

Your office gets messy and so do your baskets. Once you have them all set up, take some time every week to make sure that you tidy them.

When you go to tidy up your baskets, first you must evaluate the current state of your office. Where are all your items ending up? Maybe you put a basket on a bookshelf that would make more sense on your desk because it always ends up there anyway. Make the necessary changes in the layout of your room, so that your baskets are not only a storage solution, but they are also convenient to the workflow of your office.

Once you have made the necessary changes based on how you use your baskets, then you can clean up your baskets.

  • Return items to baskets.
  • Reorganize all your basket sections.
  • Throw out any unnecessary things from your baskets.
  • Put all your baskets back in their original (or new) place.

Making this a weekly routine will help you out in the long run because cleaning up something that has been out of control for a month is much harder than cleaning up something every week.


Using baskets in your home office is a great way to keep your space organized and clean. Make sure that you find the perfect baskets, organize those baskets, and continue cleaning up the baskets in your office. Buying baskets won’t necessarily make you more organized; it’s what you do with the baskets that does.

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